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Albanian Roma Monarchi

Australian Monarchist League


Canadian Monarchist Online    
The Monarchist League of Canada



French Monarchists (in French)

Hawaiian History - The Monarchy Years
Emergence of Monarchy in North India,  Eighth-Fourth Centuries BC- Roy

Rastakhiz Iran  ( organization in favour of monarchy in Iran)

Italian Monarchical Federation
Royal House of Serbia and Yugoslavia    
Yugoslavia Foundation

Luxembourg Sovereigns  (list of the sovereigns of Luxembourg)

Nepal- Monarchy
The Netherlands
Norwegian monarchy   
The Ancestors of His Majesty King Harald V of Norway  

Polish  Monarchist Club      
Organization of Polish Monarchists

Portrtugese Monarchist  (Juventude Lusitana)
Russian monarchy       
Official site of Russian Assembly of Nobility     
The Romanov Fund For Russia
Official Homepage about Casa de Su Majestad el Rey de Espana 
Spanish Royal Family (Unofficial Homepage)
Welcome to the Royal Court of Sweden    
Swedish Royal Family
United Kingdom     
The British Monarchy  
Geraldine`s British Royal News  
Monarchs of Britain  
Windsor Street  (mostly about the British monarchy)
Official homepage of all Royal Families in Europe and World
European Royal History
Netty`s Royalty Page   
Yvonne Demoskoff`s Royalty Homepage  
Mr. Boyle's Royalty Site

The Monarchist League

Pages Concerning Monarchy

Essays on Royal Houses – by Guy Stair Sainty

European History – about European royal history, by Arturo Beeche

Fantasy Royalty – A page on usurpers, imposters, illegal claims and fantasy royalty, by Guy Stair Sainty

Frequently Asked Questions for British Royal & Noble Families – by Yvonne Demoskoff

My page on The Legitimacy of Governments on Earth

My page on Memorable Monarchs

Monarchy FAQ on real reasons a Monarchy is better, by Charles Coulombe.

The Royal Archive – by Aaron Gilmer

Royal Genealogies – by Denis Reid

Royal Headlines from the Press Association

Royal Houses – Where They Have Reigned and When, by Elias Granqvist

Royalty – Terrence J. Boyle's page on royalty, with a long link page

The Mythical King Gambrinus – according to old tales the inventor of beer

Fan Pages

The Princess Victoria Page (Crown Princess of Sweden) by Jonas Ĺberg and Magnus Branzén (last updated in Nov. 1997)

Princess Madeleine (of Sweden) Page – by Katrine M. Glindorf

The Wills' Girls Club for girls who have a crush on Prince William of the United Kingdom, by Rosie...

The Royals Comic Strip – by Larry Feign, about the British royal family

More About Royals

Trenches of the Web biographies on important people in the First World War, including Emperors and Kings, by Mike Iavarone